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       Let someone know how you truly feel with music!

Full Songwriting Service-Package! 

Have you ever wanted to write a song for somebody but had no idea where to begin?

Maybe its for your significant other, or your Husband or Bride to be?

You might be wanting for a way to rekindle a relationship, or simply just let someone know how you truly feel!

There is no better way than than via the primary language of love, MUSIC. 


With over 15 years experience as a Professional Songwriter, Music Producer and Singer I can help transform your basic ideas into a finished master that will leave a footprint in the hearts of its listener. 

Whether you are a complete beginner to music, or a fully fledged professional, we will work together to make your dream song a reality either over the phone/internet or from my fully equipped state of the art studio in South West London/Surrey  - boasting equipment such as the world Class Neumann U87ai Microphone and State of the art - Universal Audio Apollo Sound and everything else that's needed to make a record that will stand up in today's industry. 

I can provide:

  • FREE initial consultation to discuss your requirements and ideas. 

  • Songwriting Services (from basic idea to complete construction)

  • Production of your song in its entirety,  mixing and mastering and adding your vocals or mine if so required. 

  • Vocal Editing and Comping/Tuning

  • Providing a professional Quality MP3 

Contact me today for a free consultation on how I can turn your basic ideas into a musical gift that will stay in the heart of someone forever.....

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